Council is the practice of speaking and listening from the heart. Through Weman_circle1compassionate, heartfelt expression and empathic, non-judgmental listening, Council inspires a non-hierarchical form of deep communication that reveals a group's vision and purpose.
Council offers effective means of resolving conflicts and for discovering the deeper, often unexpressed needs of individuals and organizations. Council provides a comprehensive means for co-visioning and making decisions in a group context. Council is
about our personal and collaborative story.

The non profit organization in Israel was established by two elders: Ronit Rinat, who came to Israel with the vision of bringing the council into the education system, so council will welcome each child every day at school, and Leon Berg from Los Angeles, who brought council to Israel and Palestine as a path to peace. Ronit and Leon had many partners both in the U.S. and in Israel who helped create Amutat Maagal Hakshava. We are grateful to them all.

Recognizing the need for speaking and listening from the heart allow for the expansion into non formal educational systems, social organizations, businesses, hospitals, local councils, Para medical workers, among others.

To mention some of our activities – all over the country we bring council into  schools for specific group of students.

In Ma’Ayanot a school in Kibutz Cabri, the Way of the Council is practiced by the teachers, students and parents already four years creating special atmosphere and improved communication.

The NGO- Amuta gives council facilitator courses for educational staff so they can bring the council to the work with students they are in contact with.

We have on constant basis councils with teachers in different schools to introduce the way of council receiving very positive feedback.

We bring council to create improved communication in “mixed” cities where Arabs and Jews live together. We created a leadership group of Arabs and Jews which work towards a peaceful coexistence.

Our vision expands -through the many councils we have all over the country with different groups of people , ages, genders, religions…

We experience and believe that when the heart speaks and listens miracles happens.

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